Monday, 1 October 2012

The Core Night At O’Learys in Söderhamn, Sweden

Before hitting the sack, I checked a few videos on YouTube.  This time, I wasn’t looking for new songs to add into My Favorites file.  Instead, I typed down the words O’Learys Söderhamn in website’s the search box then hit browse.  I did not find a long list of videos but had landed on something I thought looked kind of familiar.  I played the video and remembered that I was there that night… working.

The Core, as the band is called was one of the groups performing on stage that night for the Rockstage 2012 O’Learys event [01 June].  It was an awesome night filled with live music, overflowing dance floor, and fun!

The music was loud but wasn’t painful to the ears.  No unnecessary noises coming from the instruments.  The speakers were in great mood that night.  I wonder which brand were they.  A set of QSC K12 from Musicians Friend, maybe?  I have no clue really.  But I do hope that the stage’s powerful speaker system will always behave like that.  But then again, they don’t.  Speakers do have bad hair days, too!

I wonder which band of group of DJs are scheduled to heat up the dance floor of O’Learys this Saturday.  Whoever they are, I know it’s going to be a successful night again.

Happy Monday everyone!

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