Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Can’t Sleep. Watching The Watcher Instead

Time check: 2.22AM --- and I am still up.  I tried crawling into bed an hour before midnight but I just could not sleep.  I even went to the kitchen an hour ago to fix myself eight small slices of cheese quesadillas as well as grabbed myself a glass of cold cola.

My boyfriend tried his hardest to keep up with me but a few minutes ago, he just could not resist it.  He kissed me goodnight, hit the hay and is now wide awake in dreamland.  A good night’s rest is what he certainly needs as he’s about to be at work before eight in the morning.

As for me, I am kind of stuck in the middle of boredom.  I started watching a disaster film online but decided to turn it off after fifteen minutes.  It was a disaster film… like literally.  It was crap.  I did not catch the title though.  Ooops!

Before monotony and silence kill me, I better look for a list of best drama shows over the internet and choose one to keep me company.  Medical, crime or comedy drama would be nice.  Hmmm.  Which one to pick?

Internet certainly does not fail to fascinate me.  It almost has everything I need and want.  From blogging to e-shopping to news and connecting with family and friends, one can also find a wide range of movies and tv shows which can be watched online… for free!

Oh.  So here we go.  The Watcher, an original web series about this woman named Gwen who once was a doctor and is now haunted by her nightmares.  Living in her apartment on her own, at some point realizes that she’s not alone but is being watched by someone and/or something she doesn’t know!

Thrilling, it is!  I have gone through the first episode.  It might not have the best storyline in the world but the plot’s interesting, the events are surprising and the characters enthralling.  If you have time, go check it out!  And yeah, feel free to share it with your friends, too!

Okay.  Gotta go catch episode 2 before calling it a night.  Yey!

How about you?  How often do you see web series, tv shows and movies online?

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