Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Getting the Full Rush Experience

There are few bands that have been so completely immortalized in the halls of rock as Rush. Since the band got together, it has quickly become one of the most important bands in progressive and classic rock. In the Canadian music scene, it simply doesn't get any bigger than Rush. However, this doesn't mean that the popularity of this band is limited to Canadian audiences. In truth, it is not difficult to find a real Rush fan wherever you are in the world. The band has such a large, devoted following that you really can't deny the impact Rush has had on the world of music.

Rush is constantly gaining a new pool of young fans, but the band's major fan base is comprised mostly of people who were listening to rock back when the band was just getting started. These fans got Rush fever all those years ago and have kept up with the band ever since then. Most of Rush's older fans have had the opportunity to see them perform live in concert, but not all of them have. This really is a shame, especially considering how much fun it is to watch a band like Rush perform live.

One of the greatest benefits of listening to music is the associations you develop between yourself and your music. Over time, certain songs become something of a soundtrack in your head whenever you remember certain parts of your life. Perhaps you were listening to Tom Sawyer when you took your first car out for a spin. Maybe you were really into Moving Pictures during your first year of college. With so many great hits to choose from, it's almost impossible to be a lover of classic rock who doesn't associate some fond memory with a Rush song.

In this way, Rush has become something a little more than just a regular band. Lifeson, Lee, and Peart have together crafted something that is more akin to a social icon that resonates with a broad spectrum of humanity. Seeing these men perform live on stage is an intense experience that you won't soon forget. When Rush is coming to town, it's never too hard to find yourself some Rush tickets so you can take in the amazing show. With the popularity of this band, the tickets can be found just about anywhere. This is one of those expenses that you may only make once, but that you'll be glad you've made.

Seeing Rush play live in concert is more than just a night out. It's an entire experience that is intended to take you on a ride using music. The stories, characters, and emotions crafted by Rush's staggering discography are expansive enough to draw you in all on their own. When you hear Lifeson pick out an ear-splitting solo, Geddy Lee belting out a signature song, or Peart pulling off one of his mind-boggling drum solos, you really feel it. This is not something that can be said about all bands.

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