Friday, 23 November 2012

Movies: Has Finally Watched The Notebook

It has long been overdue but this afternoon, while having brunch, I have finally found the time to watch the much talked about movie, The Notebook.

With a high 7.9 out of the perfect 10 star user rating on, there is no doubt that The Notebook has been added to a lot of most favorite movie lists around the globe.

It might sound strange but since the day the film was released first in cinemas sometime in 2004, I haven’t been enticed to read the plot nor watch its trailer.  After watching the movie, I was kinda regretting why I didn’t see The Notebook before.

TheNotebookAnyway, the first few minutes of the film is clearly a giveaway of who’s who which is supposed to take away my interest but instead, it has even gotten me really curious of these love birds’ great story.

The Notebook somehow reminds me of 50 First Dates minus the comedy.  It isn’t funny but it’s brilliant enough to touch my heart, make me smile and give me joy.

Ryan Gosling is indeed a fantastic actor and Rachel McAdams, a talented screen princess.  These two click!  I love their tandem!

The Notebook --- that one movie everyone must see!

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