Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Movies: My Top 3 Favorite Casino Movies Yet

Just the other night, while practicing with a few friends my unpolished craft on online poker games, the local tv channel that was on started playing the movie 21.  With no idea what the film was all about, I did not focus much on it.  Neither did my boyfriend.  Instead I continued playing free play casino games on my laptop while Bebe went on with his paperwork.

After glancing on a few familiar faces and huge Hollywood celebrities, I somehow found myself drawn into the movie.  It wasn’t just me.  My busy boyfriend even took a pause from whatever paperwork it was he was fixing.  Without realizing, we spent the next minutes watching 21 up to the very end.

Just like that… 21 is now added to my top 3 favorite casino movies.  So far, Ocean's Eleven stays on top of the list.  Although eleven years have passed since the first time I have seen it, I still get the chills and excitement whenever I get to stumble upon it.  Ocean’s Eleven – what’s not to love?  From its superb actors, genius plot and phenomenal director and producer, Steven Soderbergh – no wonder Ocean’s Eleven has been a smash hit and have become the favorite of many.

Second on my list is none other than The Hangover – a Las Vegas bachelor party that has gone out of control.  Despite the fact that the entire story does not revolve around slot machines, poker tables, roulettes and cards, that three-minute The Hangover Casino Blackjack scene is surely impressive.  Might not be the funniest part of the movie but it’s heart-stopping.

And on spot number three, it’s 21 which is an inspired-by-a-true story film.  It tells about the life of six MIT students who are excellent when it comes to numbers.  They have been chosen and trained to become Einsteins on card counting along with a complex system of signals.  The stakes are high and their game is dangerous but because of their talent they have managed to take Las Vegas casinos for winning millions.

Sometimes, I just can’t help but dream about winning big, too.  That song Billionaire by Bruno Mars mixed with these fascinating casino films really makes me want to become one.  A friend at work even told me the other night that if she becomes filthy rich, to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine was something she would not look forward to.  Instead, she would buy all the things she never had, take care of her family, tour the world and donate some to the needy.

If only I am exceptional when it comes to numbers, I would spend some of my time playing online casino roulette, poker and blackjack.  I would train and practice trying free play until I become brilliant on any casino game.  By the time I become as genius as the students on 21, I would start trying my luck for real.  No need to leave home and fly to Las Vegas to win big.  I would simply get my hands on casino games over the internet and start winning with a click of the mouse.  Oh well.  I wish!

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