Tuesday, 13 November 2012

TV: Misfits Season 4. Here They Go Again!

Eleven months ago, I wrote about Misfits Season 3, Final Episode Aired. Season 4 in 2012?  As I was not 100% sure if they would be returning for another series, I had that question mark – huge it was.

I tried predicting who would stay and who wouldn’t.  Unfortunately, I got it right when I mentioned that Alicia and Simon weren’t renewing their contracts as they remained trapped in the past.  If you have seen the few last episodes of the previous season, then you’ll know what I mean.  Actually, according to the story, both are done with their community service and have moved on with their lives… outside Misfits?  Really, Alicia and Simon?  Really?  Sorry.  I just miss these lovebirds.  A lot.

The original Misfits: Simon, Nathan, Kelly, Alicia and Curtis

Photo credit: IMDB.com

Our Misfits for Season 3: Simon, Rudy, Kelly, Alicia and Curtis

Photo credit: www.e4.com

What I didn’t see coming was Kelly not returning!  Ouch!  She’s in Africa putting her powers into use by destroying landmines.  Good for her.  Good for Africa!  I am so looking forward to seeing her strong character and well… the attitude.

Seth, Kelly’s boyfriend returns and shows up on a few episodes to be with the gang and collect their [Kelly’s and his] things before finally following his girlfriend to Africa.

Curtis, the only original member is still around.  Oh thank goodness!  Rudy [who joined in for season 3 to replace Nathan], the funny man of the group comes back with Curtis and his other personality.  Surprise, surprise!  In this series, we’ll get to know that there’s more than two Rudies!  Behold!

Two new offenders are introduced during the pilot episode of series 4 to join Curtis and Rudy [and Seth]. Jess has X-Ray vision while Finn has the power of telekinesis which he needs loads of practice to get it right.

The new Misfits: Rudy, Finn, Curtis, Alex [who’ll be introduced later] and Jess

Photo credit: e4-misfits.wikia.com

Series 4’s episode 1 in all honesty is a huge miss and not a hit in my book!  I was a bit confused, uninterested, bored and uncharmed.  It did not appeal to me.  Tsk.  Tsk.  For awhile there, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be following the show any longer.  But then again, my boyfriend was willing to give it another chance and so we watched the episode 2 and my oh my… I was so glad that we watched it!  I am hooked again!

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