Friday, 23 November 2012

YouTube: Loving that ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID for 2012

I am and have always been an ABS-CBN fan since I was little.  Despite the fact that I am now living miles and miles away from my homeland, I try to keep updated with the tv station’s freshest tv shows, celebrity news and and even ads.

The 2012 ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID has made me cry while watching it a few times on YouTube.  My heart tells me that I miss home… a lot.  Listening to this song makes me want to fly to the Philippines for the holidays.

Watching the vid’ reminds me of my fond Christmas and New Year memories when I was still residing in my native land.  I get to listen to the golden voices of my favorite local singers as well as meet new showbiz faces.

The lanterns on the background are so inviting too, aren’t they?  And that microphone?  I want one!  I wonder if the Heil Sound at Musicians Friend’s on sale these days.  Might as well check it out and hopefully get myself one!

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