Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Checklist for Any Stag’s Stag Night

So your turn has rolled around, you’re the groom-to-be and are therefore a stag. This should be exciting, right? Ummm, let’s just say that it works out as 50% excitement and 50% nervousness for most stags, with them worrying incessantly about what is actually going to happen to them during the weekend.

Some do say it’s good to be a little bit worried though, as it’ll keep you on your toes… but you’ll need more than just your wits about you to ensure you have a smooth-running stag party  instead of becoming one of those urban myth stories found all over the internet and end up trying to free yourself after being duct-taped to a lamppost.

Even though us guys are unprepared and under-organised at the best of times, this really is an occasion worth preparing for, so you’ll be happy to know I’ve done most of the work, and put together a quick checklist for you to tattoo to your hand and make sure you follow.

Your Checklist

-Identification: Especially if you’re lucky enough to be going abroad, the worst thing to forget would obviously be your passport – but don’t forget that driving licence either as the second worst thing would be being refused entry from your club of choice (how are bouncers to know – some stags are pretty young!)

-Money: Another obvious one, you won’t be having much of a stag do without money. So (once again, especially if you’re going abroad) remember to convert your currency into Euros, Dollars or wherever you’re going well beforehand.

-Eyes in the Back of your Head: Honeymoons are for relaxing, so don’t expect to be doing any of it on your stag. Keep in mind that your ‘best buddies’ might have something up their sleeves right from the very offset. Meaning…

-Be Prepared to Drink Less than Usual: Stag nights are all about getting the most drunk you’ve ever been in your entire life… aren’t they? Well not if you’re the stag and want to keep your eyebrows. Try to stay one step ahead of them – like an alcohol ninja.

-Make Wet Wipes your Best Friend: Forget about Dave, your best-man that set up the whole stag excursion – he made the weekend so packed full of fun and exciting things there’s hardly any time to have a proper wash. Leave it to the genius life-saver that is the wet-wipe.

-Make Emergency Food Supplies your 2nd Best Friend: Eating might not be on the itinerary either, so make sure to pack some supplies so that you can line your stomach and well… stay alive.

Other Quick Extras

-Taxi Numbers

-Fancy Dress

-Practical Jokes to play on your party instead of them on you


-Phone Charger

-A Map!


There you have it… There’s nothing to fear, you should come out of the other end of your stag do unscathed and with eyebrows intact. Just thank me in your speech at the wedding yeah?

Written by Richard Paul for The Stag Company, not just able to send you on a Bournemouth Stag Do, but all across the UK and abroad as well. 

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