Saturday, 15 December 2012

Coin Collecting–Are You One of Us?

While going through a number of photos taken during our August 2011 London vacation, I chanced upon a photo of my UK coin collection.  I usually only collect paper bills as souvenirs from countries I visit.  So far, England’s an exception.  I managed to take home a good sum of them and up to this moment, nothing’s missing.

I have actually thought of buying a silver commemorative coin of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s royal wedding.

For reasons I can’t remember, I changed my mind and decided not to purchase the coin.  Now, I am quite regretting it.

My collection of coins from England:

How about you?  Are you fond of collecting coins?  If you are, how’s your collection going?  Do you collect coins from countries you visit?  Perhaps buy commemorative coins in silver or gold?  Have you ever thought of purchasing military coins, university coins, sports coins and more to add into your collection?

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