Friday, 28 December 2012

Gadgets: The Samsung GALAXY Camera

After returning home from work, an interesting flyer lying on the front door caught my attention at once.  Although tired after the 12-hour shift, I still had a few ounce of energy left to take a look a the ad.  Curiosity kicked in.  I didn’t let that moment pass me by without checking out the details.

The front page of the four-page flyer was boasting this headline:

Samsung Galaxy Android Camera – the world’s first Android Cam’!

Yeah.  I know.  It looks really cool and very tempting!

This Samsung Galaxy Android Camera carries the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.  This gadget allows you to surf the internet, install apps, access email, play games, share events and photos in different social media networks [Twitter, Facebook, Instagram] and to top it all, shoot and share photos to your family and friends in real time!

Impressed?  Wait until you get to read these really striking details:

Shoot like a pro with its Smart PRO MODE feature.
3G, 4G and Wifi Connectivity.
Long Zoom of up to 21x [optical].
Edit photos using Photo Wizard.
Create movies using Movie Wizard.
ant to watch videos in slow mo’?  Then enjoy its Slow Motion Video format.
Its 121.2mm HD Super Clear Touch Display allows you to watch your photos on the big screen in just a quick tap of a button.
It has a Voice Control functionality, too!

Price: Sells in the United States for $499.99 a pop through AT&T.  Expensive, huh?

I can feel it!  In the very near future, digital cameras will already be able to act as mobile phones.  Receive and make calls.  Send and receive text messages.  Now that’s something I’ll be looking forward to!

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