Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Life's a Beach in Australia

When Australia is your travel destination, its iconic beaches are what immediately spring to mind. When you arrive on Australia's sandy shores, make sure these locations are on your to do list.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the biggest Natural Sand Island in the world. It is World Heritage listed for multiple features such as its sand dunes, rain forests, and dune lakes. You can drive along miles of open beach exploring creeks that emerge from deep rainforest sources to meet the sea (the most popular of theses known as Eli Creek). Or, perhaps you can head inland to the crystal waters of Lake McKenzie where the white sandy shoreline surrounds aquamarine waters. You can encounter a little early European history and settlement by travelling inland to Central Station, where the headquarters for Fraser Islands logging industry was located in the early 1900's. There you will find yet more crystal waters flowing down Wangoolba Creek, so clear that its translucence will initially fool you into thinking it is a dry creek bed. If you want to be guided around this amazing island, there are Australia tours  that will show you the trip of a lifetime on this unique part of Australia!

The Whitsunday's

The Whitsunday Islands are located 900 km north of the Queensland state capitol of Brisbane. The Whitsunday's consist of a number of stunning islands that offer luxury accommodation those looking for resort style holidaying, to island where there is camping only, perfect for sailors passing through. The islands most well known for their tourism are Hamilton Island, Day Dream Island, Whitsunday Island (and home to Whitehaven Beach), Long Island and Brampton Island. Being situated in the world’s largest living structure, The Great Barrier Reef, the adventures to be had are endless. You can snorkel, dive, kayak, bush walk, sail, camp, or even be pampered in resort spa's and enjoy the comforts of 5 star accommodation! Whatever your holiday style may be, there is something for all tastes in this tropical island paradise.

The Great Ocean Road

If you are looking for a beach experience that is raw and rugged, then the South West Coastline of the State of Victoria is the place to go. The Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometres of stunning natural beauty. You will find the impressive natural pillars of the 12 Apostles that you can view from many designated areas, or you can venture down onto the beaches where you can truly appreciate the magnitude of the limestone cliffs. As well as stunning ocean scenery you will also find the Great Otway National Park. Here you will have the opportunity to admire the wonderful native wildlife, plant life and waterfalls on a refreshing bush walk to stretch your legs. If you are a surfing fan, then you are in your element, with Bells Beach standing proudly with in this magnificent coastline! Bells Beach is home to the world’s longest running professional surfing contest, making it a highlight destination on the ASP World Tour. So whether you are a nature lover, sports lover, or lover of long scenic drives, The Great Ocean Road had it all on offer!

Australia is an Island of endless coastlines that range from raw and rugged to white and tranquil. There's a beach scene to suit every traveller, so do your research or hook up with an Australia Tour, and you won't be disappointed!

Written by Alice Boyd

Alice has been writing about her travel in Australia for nearly 12 months. Her most memorable experiences are watching sunset in the Northern Territory and the Uluru tours. The next adventure on her bucket list is to do white water rafting in the Tropical North Queensland. 

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