Monday, 3 December 2012

Sports: Pittsburgh Steelers Defeat Baltimore Ravens

The match started at past 10PM here in Sweden.  Even though my boyfriend would need to wake up early tomorrow for work, he was determined to watch the entire game live.  Of course, I stayed with Bebe and saw the whole match, too.  Well, at least most of it.

For the whole three hours, I was really hoping for Steelers to bring home the bacon.

That last two minutes got my heart pounding so fast, made me bite my fingernails and crossing my fingers tight.  If the last quarter ended with 20-20, my boyfriend might not be able to keep his eyes opened any longer for the 15-minute overtime.

When Shaun Suisham was on his place, ready to kick a 42-yard field goal, my boyfriend was in some sort of a quick term panic mode.  I could see it in his gorgeous green eyes.

Steelers won 23-20!  Woo-hoo!  The last second kick was breathtaking!

The boyfriend kept himself awake until the Pittsburgh Steelers - Baltimore Ravens match was over.  He was very tired but one thing’s for sure --- he went to bed happy!  It was worth the wait.

Photo credit: NY Daily News

Pittsburg Steelers’ Fans from Sweden:

How about you?  Have you seen the match?  What’s your favorite National Football League team?

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