Thursday, 31 January 2013

5 Essential Apps for the Home Handyman

As an owner of a smartphone, you already know that the device is useful for so much more than just making and receiving calls. You can keep yourself organised, productive and even entertained with a smartphone. There are apps for just about anything you could possibly want on each of the respective smartphone app marketplaces. If you are a do it yourself type and consider yourself a handyman around the house, there are several you should explore.

The Family Handyman

The Family Handyman is a free app that comes courtesy of the Reader's Digest magazine. It provides expert advice to people who are do-it-yourselfers around the home. You can get details on different ways to make repairs around your house and feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride afterward. You will get advice on creating more storage space, repairing plumbing and appliances, building furniture and about how to use tools.

Handy Man DIY

Handy Man DIY is one of the best for do it yourself types who are interested in making improvements on their home or starting a new home project. With it, you can determine how much paint, trim or flooring you will need simply by entering measurements so that the app can do the necessary math. There are helpful videos and instructions included that can assist you in any and all your home improvement projects.

Handyman Calculator

Handyman Calculator is a free app that is meant to help with all of your home improvement construction projects. It is easy to use and includes a variety of customizable calculators and supports various measurement systems.

HandyMate LITE

HandyMate LITE is a great free app for home improvement mavens. It includes geometry calculators, builder tools, multiple estimators, unit converters, scale and paper converters and more. Overall, it makes your life much easier as you prepare to undertake any number of do-it-yourself project

Easy Home Improvement Tips

Easy Home Improvement Tips is a free app that can help you to save time and money on your home improvement projects. It is essential for anyone who is a do-it-yourself type who needs a bit of advice on how to go about starting their next home project. You can get information on planning your do-it-yourself task, how to avoid common mistakes, how to increase the value of your property and on how to properly budget for your project.

All of these apps are wonderful if you prefer doing your own home improvement projects. They will make your life easier and are useful for experienced do-it-yourselfers as well as those who are more experienced.

The Author: Ryan is a Home Builder from Sydney, Australia. He says that Apps can be extremely handy when performing DIY jobs at home. For home DIY inspiration, Ryan recommends having a look at some of the Coral Homes display homes Sydney has to offer.

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