Sunday, 13 January 2013

… And She’s Got Herself a New Nokia Lumia 920

Being an Iphone user since September of 2009, it’s time for me to bid goodbye and return to my first love – Nokia.

After four hours of pondering on whether to get a Nokia Lumia 920 or a Nokia PureView 808, I finally came up with the decision to get the Nokia Lumia 920!

I went to YouTube for unit and feature comparisons, Googled for reviews and ratings, did the math on price difference, thought on which color to pick and chose the wisest deal my mobile provider had to offer.

… and she’s got herself a new Nokia Lumia 920 in red!  Ordering it online took me only 5 minutes and done!  I will be keeping my old number which comes in handy.  I so heart my mobile phone provider!  It rocks!

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On Tuesday, my new phone’s here and although it’s only two days from today, it feels like I can hardly wait to have it in my hand!  I am so trilled, all so excited, overjoyed and ecstatic!  Woo-hoo!

How about you?  What’s your mobile phone brand as of the moment?  Is it your favorite brand?  Are you thinking of buying a new phone soon or are you sticking to the one that you have now?


  1. Wow! Nokia Lumia is really good i tell you! I have once played with that unit and its totally lovely. Napakalinaw and i love the Windows on it.

    Yes. Iwill be buying myself a SONY XPERIA U from my favorite online store, Kimstore, here lang sa Philippines. I cant wait for next week coz that's when its on stock as per kimstore staff. Talagang tagal ko na to ini-aim. Im just so inlove with this unit kaya go na go na ang blog earnings ko for this!

    Oh so excited din ako for u! Will be standing by for your udate then!

    1. kimstore din ako.. 29000 bucks lng ang NOKIA LUMIA 920..

  2. my cell phone is an older model, LG Vu 3G 2008 model. and, it is ok for now because i mostly call for emergencies as well as mostly use the camera and video features.

  3. I bought red Nokia Lumia 920 7 weeks ago and I can say it is no doubt the best smartphone at this moment, though my wife is still in love to her Nokia 808 PureView. Last week I bought red Nokia Lumia 820 to my daughter and she fell in love to it. My son bought also Nokia Lumia 920 (black one) on last month and here is his first gig recording with it:


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