Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Enjoy Movies with Today’s Smart TVs

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that 3DTV was hailed as the future, and the ensuing marketing campaigns [especially around the time of the 2012 European Championships and the Olympic Games in London] would certainly have seemed likely to get 3D sets installed in a number of homes up and down the UK.

Unfortunately the high cost of 3DTV at Appliances Direct UK even – one of the UK’s cheapest suppliers – has meant that it has failed to take off in the way that HD has; HD is not only significantly cheaper, but also much more practical, and thus feels much less of a luxury during the troubled economic times we’re living in. Since the launch of 3D the media has been clamouring after the thing to replace it, whatever that may be; whereas HD seems here to stay.

Me!  About to watch Step Up 3 on 3D!  Yep.  At home!

What might be replacing 3D as the must-have TV experience could be Smart TVs. But what is a Smart TV?

The definition is different depending on the manufacturer, but what is generally agreed is that Smart TVs have the ability to run apps and is “connected” – allowing you easier access to massive libraries of content from various services; whether that means shows, movies, music or games. The major manufacturers “connect” their current crop of Smart TVs in different ways, and to different services, with Samsung, Sony and LG very much leading the way at the moment.

As you might expect from the names above, Smart TVs are currently very expensive – though there is likely to be a large shift in price in the future when it comes to Smart TVs found at  Appliances Direct – for the moment there are alternatives to a full-blown Smart TV though. As well as internet services accessed through your computer, there are also entertainment centres such as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which perform a similar function for the moment.

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