Sunday, 13 January 2013

Movies: Torque [2004]

Just last week, I was able to watch Torque for the nth time.  Too tired from work, I went straight home so I could find a couple of hours to chill and unwind before I head on with my scheduled house chores.  I made myself a bacon and cheese sandwich, a glass of ice cold Coke and turned on the telly.  I saw a few familiar faces and movie scenes and decided not to bother changing channels.  It was Torque, halfway through.
I didn’t mind missing the first half at all.  Aside from the fact that I’ve seen it on several occasions, as a  Martin Henderson, Jaime Pressly and Jay Hernandez fan, I felt like I really need to see it again.  Do I still love the film?  Oh… yes, I do!
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Okay.  Although I am not really a follower of Monet Mazur, I have to admit that her makeup, hair and clothing style in the movie are top notch!  Not to mention how gorgeous she is on the movie’s poster!  Motorcycle Riding Boots instead of the usual signature stilettos – perfect!

How about you?  Have you seen the movie, Torque?  Is yes, how many times?  Love it or hate it? 

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  1. I might see this movie for myself din. It looks interesting!

    Hi Maxi! Ive been a stalker of your updates coz I have subscribed thru email subscription. Now lang ulit nakadalaw kasi hiatus ako sa blogging for the past 3 months. Im really enjoying reading your posts in my email. Its because Im learning to become more expressive and good in writing just like u! I hope u still remember. You made me my first badges when I was starting to blog early last year.

    Rona here. Come visit me too when you have time!


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