Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Golden Years – Care Corner

If you have an elderly relative who is receiving senior in home care, it is still important to enjoy spending time together. Spending time together, can help your elderly relative stay active and improve overall wellbeing. Consider some of the following suggestions:

Get Moving

Consider doing some type of activity, which provides exercise for your relative. Physical exercise is essential for people of all ages including the elderly. Staying active can help improve both physical and mental welfare and may be therapeutic for some chronic medical conditions, according to UC Davis Health System.

grandpaEven something as simple as a walk together can be enjoyable. Whether you walk around your neighborhood or head to the lake, beach or a park, taking a walk together is a chance to get some exercise, talk and enjoy each other’s company. Below are some additional activities, which get you moving while you spend time together.

• Yard games: Games, such as lawn bowling, croquet and horseshoes can also be fun and provide a little exercise.
• Fishing: Although it does not provide a lot of exercise, going fishing is also something you can do together, which allows you to enjoy some fresh air and get you both moving a little.
• Go dancing: Whether you like swing dancing, country or ballroom, dancing is great exercise and fun.
• Play miniature golf: Even if you and your relatives are not big golfers, miniature golf can be played by anyone. It’s not that vigorous, but it will get your relative walking and moving around.
• Gardening: Working in the garden is a great activity to do with an elderly relative for a few reasons. Not only can it be good exercise, but it is fun to create something together and it can give your relative a sense of accomplishment.

Brain Games

If you have an elderly relative who has senior in home care and has memory problems, participating in certain activities can help. One goal of senior in home care is to help your relative stay independent as long as possible. Keeping the mind sharp through activity can help. 
Even if your relative does not have forgetfulness, activities, which stimulate the brain, can help keep you and your relative mentally sharp. Play games together, such as board games, which require memory or reasoning skills. Card games and puzzles are also something you can do together.

Learn Something New

You’re never too old to learn something new.  Senior in home care does not mean your elderly relative has to stay cooped up inside all day. A fun activity to do with an elderly relative is get out and take a class together. Consider learning a new sport, such as golf, or take cooking or art lessons. Learning a new skill or brushing up on something you used to do, can be a fun way to spend time together. If your relative has some physical limitations, there are still plenty of options, such as a writing class or a craft making class.

Give Back

Volunteering together is one way to enjoy the time you spend with your relative. Consider a cause you both care about or want to get involved with. Local churches, hospitals and nonprofit agencies often need volunteers. Volunteering can help an elderly person feel like they are needed and have purpose.

Depending on your elderly relative’s health and interests there are countless activities you can enjoy together. What is important is not the activity you do, but that you are spending time together.

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