Friday, 18 January 2013

TV: The Forgotten [2009]

As a fanatic of crime television series since I can’t remember when, I Google every now and then for well rated crime tv dramas that I haven’t seen yet.  Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI [Las Vegas, New York, Miami], Hawaii Five-0, Prison Break, Law & Order, The Mentalist and Cold Case [only to name a few] – are all included in my highly recommended list.

Just recently, while checking out IMDb, I stumbled upon The Forgotten which stars Christian Slater, Michelle Borth [Hawaii Five-0] and Anthony Carrigan [Parenthood].  I didn’t put that much expectation at first.  However, right after watching its pilot episode which was originally aired on 22 September 2009, I found myself being blown away by the plot.  I made sure to watch the entire season within the next five days and yes, I did it!

The plot: A network of devoted citizens lead by Alex Donovan [Christian Slater].  Each member contributes their spare time to try to connect all the dots and put together the puzzle pieces in order to discover identities of certain Jane and John Does with hopes of helping in solving their cause of death, locking the criminals behind bars and finally giving closure to the victim’s family and friends.  Each episode carries a touching story that pinches your heart and makes those eyes go all watery.

Photo credit: and ABC

With a not-so-common plot, I was surprised that the show did not appeal much to many.  One season with seventeen episodes then the show just vanished in thin air.  There were humors at first about its season two which was then cancelled later on.  Sigh.

The Forgotten trivia:  The Forgotten was previously filmed having different actors in a couple of roles. Rupert Penry-Jones played Alex Donovan while Reiko Aylesworth played Linda Manning who was not only replaced by Heather Stephens.  Her character name was also changed to Lindsey Drake.

Below is The Forgotten trailer on Youtube with all its original actors and characters:

The Forgotten is one brilliant crime television show and although it sounds kind of late, here I am hoping and wishing for season 2!

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