Monday, 18 February 2013

Bloggers' Treat and $300++ PayPal Cash Giveaway Sign Ups


Another Giveaway Brought to you by Tune up Your Budget

Bloggers' Treat and $300++ PayPal Cash Giveaway Sign Ups: Open from February 10 to 25.  Come one, come all. Hop in and join!

Event dates: February 27 – March 20.  Open worldwide!

In exchange for spreading this awesome news to your friends and blog readers, you'll be getting TWO FREE LINKS [one Facebook and one Twitter] on Rafflecopter.

Eligibility to participate:

1.] Your blog must have Google Page Rank of 2 or higher
2.] Your blog must have a Domain Authority of 35 or higher [check domain authority here]
3.] Free-hosted domains are NOT allowed [,, tumblr, etc.]
4.] Must be willing to post about the giveaway and promote it at least once a day via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
4.] Must have an announcement post about the blogger sign-up BIG TREAT FOR BLOGGERS! on your participating blog.


$250 PayPal Cash will be raffled off to all qualified blogs

$100 PayPal Cash incentive for the blogger who refers the most contest participants

$300 initial prize for Rafflecopter entries

Want to get more links aside from the 2 free ones?  No problem!  Buy a link for only $3!
Links allowed:
Email subscriptions
RSS subscriptions
Facebook Fan Page Likes
Instagram follows
Pinterest follows
Twitter follows
Youtube subscriptions

To sign up for the giveaway, simply fill out the e-form here to signup.

For the announcement post, grab your codes here. [a friendly reminder: For SEO purposes, add/use your own words for the announcement post]

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