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DMC : Devil May Cry Review

A great story

The Devil May Cry series made its debut in 2001 and it has kept a steady line since then. The main character didn’t lose his hardcore spirit and continued slaying monsters throughout all four series. The fourth game came out in 2008 and was considered the most complete and fun of them all.  The plot was excellent and the action scenes were over the top. As in all games, you could choose characters. The last part featured Nero and a bonus character named Trish. One of the most impressive parts of the game was Nero`s “Devil Bringer” arm which provided telekinetic abilities. He also had a special sword that could deal a lot of damage. Long story short, the weapons and fighting styles that were introduced with the fourth generation Devil May Cry game were awesome.

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After 5 long years Ninja Theory released the fifth and most exciting game of the series. DmC: Devil May Cry creates an alternate reality that is set within the Devil May Cry series. Dante is still the main character. He uses his powers to defend himself from demons while trapped in Limbo City. His persona suffered some changes and the game designers received some negative feed-back before launching the game. After its release the storyline and gameplay definitely made up for any character flaws Dante might have had.

Out of this world fighting scenes

As far as gameplay goes, things are pretty much on the same page as its predecessors. Dante still uses Rebellion and Ebony and Ivory. For those of you that don’t know, Rebellion is a sword that allows Dante to produce some amazing attacking combos and the other two are his twin pistols. Angel Mode and Devil Mode are improved and the weapons used act different. The Osiris that is part of Angel mode is faster and the Arbiter in Devil mode is more powerful. There are several new moves that provide a lot of flexibility while fighting and that can contribute to some mind-blowing combos. You can even get to slow down time in order to capture the essence of these moves. Dante’s soul collecting ability is still used to keep replenish the health bar and upgrade the move-set.


This game is seen as a reviver for the entire Devil May Cry series. The combat sequences are in a league of their own and the main character Dante is still a badass.  The game was launched this January 2013 on PS 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

Devil May Cry 5 review

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