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How To Share Your Downloaded Media With Friends

When it comes to sharing downloaded media with friends, it allows all of you to work from the same file. Before you start sharing with too many friends – or any friend at all, you have to know about the best ways to share this and figure out if you actually have rights to share the media.

Popular Downloaded Media

There are various types of downloaded media. You can download software, games, music files and video files with your friends. One of the main reasons to share a file with someone is so that both of you are working from the same exact file.

Common media files include:

- .avi

- .mpeg

- .mp3

- .mp4

- .wav

- .exe

All of this downloaded media can be found virtually anywhere. If you downloaded the media for free, then you can share it with other people without worrying about whether you are violating rights. If, however, you spent money on the download, you are likely not permitted to share the file with anyone.

When you download a file, take the time to read the rules. You may or may not have permission. If you want to avoid violating copyright law, you have to make sure that you are able to share. Otherwise you could experience fines or even imprisonment if you are caught sharing downloaded media without permissions.

How to Make the Shares

It’s a great thing to share downloaded media with your friends so you can all enjoy the same files. In some cases, you will be able to share files over the Internet, but in some cases, it may not be that easy. Anything less than 5 megabytes can be shared relatively easily by email or through a file transfer over a messenger program, like Skype.

If you’re transferring a file over 5 megabytes, sending the file over the Internet is likely not going to work. This is because the file transfer is going to be too slow. On some connections, it may even time out simply because of the size. Especially when you want to share a downloaded video file, it can easily exceed 25 megabytes or greater.

● Sharing Locally

When your friends live locally, you can place the downloaded media file onto some storage device that they can use. This can include a jump drive or to burn the file onto a CD or DVD. They can then pull the fill off the storage device in order to put the file onto their own computer.

Sharing Remotely

If they don’t live locally, you still have options. The first is that you can zip the files and then send them the file. The second is that you can set up a private cloud for you and your friends. If all of you have the username and password to the cloud, you can all put as many files as you want into the cloud and each of you can share the media with each other – and without having to download the files.

Sharing from the Internet

You don’t always have to download the media to your computer – which means that sharing is a lot easier. If the media you want is on the Internet, simply share the link with all of your friends. This will allow all of you to stream the media and watch it from your computer or a mobile device.

When you share a link, this can also work with sharing a file that you have to pay for. They will all have the link to the site where they can download the file and pay the necessary fees that coincide with it. This means that you can all share the same file without any of you violating copyright law.


Sharing downloaded media allows you to do a lot of things with your friends. Whether you want to share a song with friends, all laugh about a funny video or all play the same great video game, sharing files is a great thing. There are some legality concerns with sharing media, so you have to be cautious about what files you share. Additionally, when you have large files, you have to know all about how to share the files so that you can all get the files without them stopping mid-way.

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