Sunday, 3 February 2013

Top 5 Apps for Planning an Overseas Holiday Adventure

If you are planning a trip overseas, then there are a few applications that will make your life easier. The following list will help you immensely while traveling. These apps were designed to make your life less stressful, and you more knowledgeable of your destination. Just download the following list to begin making plans and enjoying your time abroad!

1.] Google Earth

Google Earth is the best travel application you can find when it comes to accurate maps. You can find the location of your hotel, or check out its neighborhood. If you are ever lost in a foreign city, then connect to wifi, and immediately access Google Earth. It will point you in the right direction. You can use the tour guide section of the application to look at potential landmarks to check out while on vacation. If you ever want to get a feel for city before you visit, then Google Earth is exactly what you need.

2.] Trip It

Trip It is a great little travel organizer that stores all of your information in one location. You can keep travel dates, confirmation details, and even directions all organized in this application. It makes an itinerary for you up once you enter all of your trip's details. If you have trouble keeping organized while traveling, then this app will keep you on your mark.

3.] Kayak

Kayak is one of the many travel consolidators that have apps on the iTunes and Android market. However, Kayak consistently has the best prices and deals around. You can book everything you need for your trip from hotels to flights and car rentals. You have access to every airline, and you can even track your flight online. Kayak is ideal for people who like the book all of their travel plans together in one package. You can try other consolidators, but they will not be as fluid, easy, or inexpensive as Kayak.

4.] Convert Any Unit Free

This is an ingenious app that will convert anything thing for you - from currency to weight! If you are in a foreign country, it can be a pain to constantly figure out how much something will cost you. Now, you not need to do the math in your head anymore thanks to this app! You can look up current conversion rates for any currency. This application can also help you figure out temperature and distance conversions. This application is a must for anyone who is traveling abroad. The best part: it is free!

5.] Google Translate

If you are going to a foreign country, chances are you do not speak the local language. You will not be able to become fluent on the plane ride over. However, you can play it safe by adding a translator to your phone. Google Translate will help you figure out whatever you need to say. It can even pronounce it for you! This is an easy to use application that will help you communicate, and keep on track while traveling.

The Author: Travis is a Travel and Tech Enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. He says these 5 apps are great for your holiday adventure and says that it is important for travellers to have the right overseas health insurance to ensure they are covered should anything happen while on their holiday.

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