Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Look at the Best Digital Camera and Camera Lens

In this article, we are going to look at some digital cameras and camera lens so you can make an informed decision about which digital camera is best for your needs. There are hundreds if not thousands of digital camera and camera lens available for sale.

The type of digital camera, camera lens you need will be determined by what you will be using the camera for. Are you a professional or amateur photographer trying to make a living? Do you need a digital camera to take pictures of the kid, family, friends or your outings? Are you going on the vacation of a lifetime and just want to capture every special moment. There are so many different digital cameras that it can be nearly impossible to choose the right one for the right reason.

Let's start by looking at digital camera and camera lens for a new professional photographer. Let's face it if you just signed a contract do photograph a wedding and you plan on using an everyday run of the mill camera that bride and groom is not going to be happy with their wedding pictures and word of mouth travels quicker than anything. Not mention they have the proof with the pictures!

A single-lens reflex [SLR] camera is one of the best choices for a professional photographer. A single- lens reflex camera explained in simple terms is a camera that uses only one lens for both viewing and taking the picture. The benefit of the single lens is what the photographer sees through the lens will be exactly how the picture comes out. There are no hidden glares from the sun, or reflective surfaces. If the photographer sees a glare then a glare will appear on the picture. Therefore, the professional photographer is able to avoid disastrous pictures by simply having the subject(s) move to a different location even if it is just two inches to the right.

Now, let's look at the camera lens and the professional photographer. The lens is a must have especially for a wedding photographer. I don't think the bride and groom or anyone at the ceremony would be very happy to have the photographer standing on top of them to take pictures while they exchange rings. I can guarantee the officiate would not be pleased if he/she were asked to move over so the photographer could snap a few shots in the middle of the ceremony.

Not to mention how unhappy the bride and grooms family and friends would feel with flashes going off in their faces and half blinding them. Leaving them not only annoyed but unable to see the rest of the ceremony! With a lens the photographer can stand off to the side [out of the way] and take all the pictures without disrupting the wedding in any way.

You need a digital camera to capture those special moments in your life? The best type of affordable digital camera you may want to consider is the Nikon or the Canon both of these brands offer a wide assortment of features in their numerous models. They also make attachable lens to make taking long distance pictures a breeze. Speaking of breezes remember that once in a lifetime vacation I mentioned? Either of these two brands is bound to have the perfect digital camera and lens for you. Remember if you plan on taking underwater pictures be sure to get the waterproof camera!

About the author: Harvey Norman Singapore offers a wide range of top brand digital cameras and camcorders for your photographic and video recording needs. From compact cameras, DSLRs and Hybrid cameras to outdoor, waterproof action digital cameras, including the latest with Wi-Fi technology.

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