Thursday, 4 April 2013

Don’t Let a Bad Wedding Band or Wedding Entertainer Ruin Your Big Day

The Options are Wider than You Think!

A terrible wedding DJ is the worst nightmare of every soon-to-wed couple. Inappropriate songs, terrible sound quality and bad one-liners can ruin anyone’s big day - do not make the mistake of not properly researching your wedding entertainment music act before you book them for your wedding. With the arrival of the internet you no longer have to rely on friends recommendations or a quick flick through the Yellow Pages to find the perfect wedding entertainment.

With the advent of social media, the internet has become a much more interactive and infinitely more useful resource for a great number of purposes - choosing music acts for your wedding entertainment is one of them! Admittedly, it is not the first thing that might spring to mind but the internet has helped many soon-to-wed couples choose the right act for their wedding. A couple can now watch videos of acts, download their songs, read testimonials and view pictures in the comfort of their own home. A wedding entertainment agency, such as I Do Music, with a fully fleshed-out interactive website can enable you to view hundreds of acts, sorting them by genre, location and price.

What comes to mind when you think of entertainment at a wedding? Most people think of a live band or a DJ. Actually there are numerous options available to you and your partner for your wedding entertainment; Opera singers, solo saxophonists, harpists, pianists, steel bands and many other diverse types of music are available to provide the entertainment on your wedding day. In fact you don’t have to limit the wedding entertainment to one hour of the night; why not hire some singing waiters to add some entertainment to the meal? Or even some drumming waiters.

Ideas to Consider when Booking Wedding Entertainment

Be wary of the size of the venue when booking your wedding entertainment. A loud rock band with a gargantuan sound system will be overwhelming in a tiny venue. On the other hand, a solo acoustic guitarist will not be able to fill a huge wedding marquee. Sound systems are very important and the upper echelon wedding acts will usually provide their own. Many specialist wedding venues have their own sound systems but they will often come at a price - speak to both the venue and act beforehand to see if they have a suitable sound system for the size of the venue.

Controlling costs for a wedding is always a difficult thing to do. No one likes to cut corners when hiring wedding entertainment acts, however, you can control the costs if you book an act through a reputable wedding entertainment agency with a quality website. Look for an agency which allows you to set a budget and see what acts are available to you. Some acts may charge extra for additional services - such as bringing their own PA system, or a surcharge for playing over the allotted time.

The calibre of some wedding entertainment acts is very high. They have been known to be hired for TV shows, Royal Weddings and celebrity birthday parties. Hip Operation, a band from the North East, provided entertainment for Alan Shearers birthday and also performed on Coronation Street. Acts with these sorts of credentials are guaranteed to put on an amazing performance and make your wedding day one to remember. What you might not expect is that many of the top function acts don’t charge much more than an average local ‘circuit’ act.

Quality wedding entertainment can really put the icing on top of an already delicious wedding cake. When planning a wedding there is a lot to think about, but do not pull your hair out over the wedding entertainment music. Use a reputable online wedding entertainment agency and you can book the perfect type of entertainment for your wedding day very easily.

About the author: Andy Atkins is a writer and commentator on live and recorded music, as well as having played in a band for far too many years! Over the past couple of years, Andy's commercial writing work has included subjects as diverse as reviews of music industry trade shows, product launches for Fender and Roland and the functions and wedding music scene.

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