Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Making Your First Impression with Windows Graphics!!

Emphasizing a company’s brand can be done in a great number of ways. Advertising pieces such as Architectural Signage, ADA signage and Window graphics, will not only be functional    but also will on a conscious level as well as on a subtle level convey the unique traits and values of the Company/Brand. Digital signs usually  consist of messages  and information displayed on an LCD or plasma screen. These digital screens are mounted on walls or in windows of establishments or other areas where lots of people can see them. Digital signs can contain audio and video materials. These multimedia features make advertising more interesting and more appealing to the  target market

You can put your Corporate identity with its unique traits in the fore front of their minds by incorporating your brand on the outside of your business establishment. Your architectural signage and ADA signage and window graphics can all convey the business’ image to those passing by, and get the customers attention  before they even open the door.

Architectural Signage

While creating Architectural Signage you need to consider the style and ideas you would like to portray to your customers.  Once you have a design idea, work with it and carry the same thought throughout your signs and architecture to achieve a seamless feeling  in the building. Muted colours with natural inspired details would be ideal for a Spa and Resort, imparting a feeling of “pure”, “natural” and “relaxing”.  These Signage's could be made of glass  and be suspended between log posts or they could be metal or brass letters mounted on wood.  For an IT professional, looking for a ultra high-tech and sharp finish,   architectural signage could be made from encasing modern, sharp-lined logo and lettering within a metal frame.

ADA Signage

All of these signs have to comply with the federal guidelines. You have the flexibility to add the company’s brand to them, you can change the colours, the way they are mounted, add framing and your logo to the design.  .ADA signage made of acrylic with formal gold lettering is ideal for a Law firm,  and conveys a professional and formal message. Frosted glass or plexi with colored, etched lettering would work well in this instance as well.

Window Graphics

Fast food chains are a great example of the power and success of this type of Signage.  Specials are constantly advertised in their windows with large printed paper advertisements.

A graphic design company, may like full window graphics printed with bright geometrical shapes and patterns to draw attention to the company brand. You can have them on the door or in all the windows.  A series of individual graphics or a series of full sized images that carry from window to the next, could also be used.

A company wanting to make a lasting impression on its customers and public at large can leverage Digital Signage Technology to do so!!!!

About the author: James Vasanth writes a blog on ArtDigitalTech, about Window graphics, booklet printing and connecting the dots between online and offline. He can be found on Facebook and microblogs on Twitter as @ArtDigitalTech.

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