Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sonos: Home of Wireless Hi-Fi System, Now Adding More to Amuse the Users

Sonos is a renowned brand in the market for wireless multi-room music systems in homes. It has changed the shape of listening music. Music freaks are praising Sonos for their dedication to promote music. It is claimed to be a life changer by providing happiness and enlightening one’s life with joy to capture precious moments of life. Sonos is there to rock your special events, whether it is a party of friends at home, birthday party of your child or any other celebration.

The setup is designed so that even a layman can setup the necessary arrangements easily by himself and he does not have to be a wireless expert. This is indeed the beauty of Sonos that is pulling the attraction of customers and music freaks. There is no need of re wiring at one’s home or one have to hire the services of a wireman. This can save a lot of money of yours so that you have wide option to add more components to your Sonos network.

Value Addition to Sonos

Sonos has now added two radio global services free to its valuable customers. It is a great chance for all the customers all over the world to enjoy the music on the go. This is definitely an innovative approach to facilitate the users. To tune into these services, users have to follow just few easy steps to enjoy this feature. In the first step, one has to register on the website After that just use the Sonos controller in your home. Go to the menu from that controller. After scrolling to the More Music option one can add these radio services to their own Sonos.

Apple and Sonos, Making Lives Easier

Apple and Sonos are working together on many options to make music more enjoyable and interactive for everyone. New and innovative ideas in this regard are framed and incorporated into the Sonos system to make it more attractive. Recently, Sonos has launched Sonos System Software 3.4. This is a not a new software but an updated version of the older one. It is absolutely free. The aim of launching the new version is to make it easier for the user to play Apple AirPlay music sources in all around their home.

This software is also capable of enhancing the functioning of Apple iPad with the Sonos system. Apple iPhone is also equally and efficiently useable with this updated version of the software. Other advantage of this version is that it allows a flat and smooth controlling of Sonos system through ipad and iphone. Moreover this software is also compatible with the Android operating system.

The fact remains that there are thousands of software applications out there that promise to deliver more that what they can usually do. However, not all the systems are of the same type. There are several entertainment systems that really outperform user expectations and Sonos is one of them. It has not only claimed but proven what it can deliver and this is why the number of Sonos addicts are on the rise every other day.

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