Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Walking Dead's Season 3 Finale–Two Thumbs Up!

When The Walking Dead released its final episode for Season 3 on 31 March, Sunday, I had mixed emotions.  Sad, because hardcore fans like me and my boyfriend will have to wait for months to see Rick and his group kill zombies and well, hopefully put an end to the governor’s life.  Excited because the show will definitely return with a few fresh faces and new encounters.

Just one thing though… why oh why did the governor survive in that last episode?  Yayks!

Photo credit: IMDB.com

The finale is just how many fans wanted it to be.  Although many have wished for the governor to die [Yes.  Die!], him going amok and losing his people leave a striking ending to the season.  Well, we all hate him and knowing that he’s still around to create chaos is something everybody has to watch out for in the future.  It’s exciting to think and wait for how Rick and his group will face challenges on the next chapter… especially now that they’ve taken in a bus load of new people.  New characters!  Oh yeah.

Season 3 has been quite a brutal road for our heroes as we wave goodbye to Merle and Andrea.  They might not be in my list of favorites and yet, it has been a bit painful to see them go.  *pout*

Time flew by really quick that The Walking Dead Season 3’s 16 episodes are now part of history.´ Fingers crossed.  There’ll be Season 4 and that it’s just around the corner!

How about you?  Have you seen the finale of The Walking Dead Season 3?

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