Friday, 10 May 2013

4 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Tennis for Kids

Tennis has been popular for hundreds of years; most notably during the reign of Henry VII. With time, the game and equipment has developed, and what was once reserved only for the richest of nobles is now available for everyone to enjoy.

In most towns and villages, there’s at least one public court available for tennis players to use. If you’re looking for interesting and physically beneficial sports for your children to take part in, kids as young as three can start mastering the basics of tennis.

With children between the ages of five and eighteen needing at least sixty minutes of physical exercise every day, it can be hard to think of fun activities for them to enjoy. Tennis is both widely available and open to anyone. So try and incorporate a weekly game for the following reasons:

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease [CVD] is the most common killer in the UK. CVD occurs when blood flow is reduced to the vital organs in the body because of a blood clot or the build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries. To prevent CVD afflicting your children, it’s important that they get the regular exercise they need – especially cardiovascular activities that get the blood pumping.

Tennis involves moving speedily around the court, swinging at tennis balls; one game can provide exceptionally high quality cardiovascular exercise.

Muscle And Bone Strength

It’s important not to just focus on the aerobic aspect of your child’s exercise regime – muscle and bone strength improves your kid’s quality of life, helps protect them from injury, and can prevent the contraction of osteoporosis, as they get older.

Tennis offers added bone strength - due to the high-impact running - and muscle strength through the use of the racquet. Co-ordination and muscle control will develop, as well as superior balance and flexibility through regular tennis games.

Weight Control

Obesity is a real concern in the developed world and sets up your child for a life of poor health. Diabetes and CVD are just some of the main medical concerns. Playing tennis can help your child maintain a healthy weight.

Mental Health

Increasingly, parents are noticing signs of depression and poor self-esteem in their children – thank you, pressures of society. Tennis can help your kids pick up their spirits, as exercise stimulates the release of serotonin – a natural chemical in the body that acts like an antidepressant. Although exercise can’t wipe away childhood troubles, it helps young ones cope.

As tennis is also a social sport, your child will build up confidence and oratory skills, as well as improving his or her teamwork. If you and your kids play tennis alone, they may feel empowered to unburden and confide in you.

Learning and thinking are boosted by this tactical game, as you have to play with your brain; not just your body. When challenging exercise is a large part of your child’s life, their mental skills are notably heightened with time.

About the author: This post has been contributed by health blogger Kelly on behalf of Playrite, manufacturers of tennis court surfaces and other surfaces for sport and leisure activities.

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