Tuesday, 14 May 2013

5 Reasons Why I Still Love Reese Witherspoon

Breaking news: Reese Witherspoon got a ticket for public intoxication. If you haven't heard this news, you must be living under a rock. Seriously. It's everywhere. It's all over social media. People are updating their status about it on Facebook and sending out tweets every five seconds. I'm sure someone has instagrammed a picture of her arrest by now. It's all anyone can talk about. I don't know about you guys, but I, for one, do not care in the least bit. Here are 5 reasons why I really couldn't care less that Reese Witherspoon got arrested and why I still love her.

1. We all make mistakes.

I'm sorry, but haven't we all been there? We get a little too drunk, say some things we don't mean, and essentially make a fool out of ourselves. That's called a Friday night. Okay, not really. What I mean is, we all make mistakes. Some are big. Some are small. But at least our mistakes are put out in People magazine for everyone to see. It really sucks for Reese because she is a celebrity. If there were paparazzi following my every move, I would definitely say something I didn't mean in a drunken stupor, too. And probably more than once. It's just that no one cares about me, so my outbursts aren't all over the tabloids. I will thank my lucky stars for that one.

2. She apologized.

She could have held her head down and just kept her mouth shut after this whole debacle but she didn't. She was a classy lady and stood up in front of the celebrity tabloid world and owned up to what she did. I'm a big fan of people owning up to their mistakes. If you do that, you're a good person in my book. Unless you killed someone. Then you're just flat out crazy.

3. She's still America's sweetheart.

Just because she got hammered and yelled at a cop doesn't make her any less of America's sweetheart. In fact, I think I love her more for being human. It's annoying how the tabloids make celebrities out to be perfect angels or insane drunks. She has found the middle ground. Much respect, Reese.

4. I will always love her for being Melanie Smooter.

Because who doesn't love Sweet Home Alabama? She is adorable, sweet, and Southern. She chose the right guy in the end and does it in the most adorable way possible. I will always love her for agreeing to do that movie. Even if it is one of the top cheesiest chick flicks in all of time.

5. She said making out with Rob Pattinson was gross.

Apparently, making out with Rob Pattinson on the set of Water For Elephants was gross to Reese. Mainly because he had a cold. So yes, that would be pretty disgusting. But I think Twilight is silly and Rob Pattinson is way hotter in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory. So for Reese to flat out say that making out with Rob wasn't pleasant just made her a star in my book.

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith security, a home security monitoring company. She can usually be found watching a chick flick and eating ice cream with her dog on a Friday night.

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