Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to Throw a Neutral Gender Baby Shower

Some parents do not wish to incorporate their expectant child’s gender into their baby showers. Although this is a great thought, it may prove difficult for those planning the baby shower. Here are a few tips on how to throw a neutral gender baby shower to respect the expectant family’s wishes, or if you wish to have a shower where the gender of the child on the way is not emphasized:

Make the shower more about mom

Instead of making the shower all about baby, make the shower more about the expectant mother and her interests. Perhaps go with a movie she likes, a day spent watching her favorite TV show with friends, a trip to her favorite restaurant for a small dinner, or a day at her favorite lake or state park. This avoids the gender question all together and still makes for a fantastic baby shower that the mother will love. Simply be sure that the invitations, gifts, and decorations are gender neutral as well. Be sure to inform guests beforehand so they know to not buy anything specifically for a boy or girl.

Use various gender neutral themes

Instead of focusing on the gender of the baby, go for a classic baby or children’s theme for invitations and decorations. Ideas include cartoon characters, children’s books or stories, ABCs, pacifiers, young farm animals, or rubber ducks. Themes such as these should still give you lots of options for invitations, activities, and decorations. You could even base the theme upon the season or holiday nearest the child’s due date, or the current season. Again, these themes do not emphasize the gender of the baby, but something else about them.

Include lots of colors

Instead of only opting for the traditional pink or blue or both, a gender neutral shower gives you the opportunity to incorporate lots of fun colors into invitations and decorations. You could, again, base these upon the season of the baby’s birth, the current season, or the favorite color of the mother. Now you are able to use oranges, greens, yellows, purples, and more when getting together invitations and decorations. In some ways, instead of hindering you, adding these extra colors can actually make planning your party faster and easier as you will not have to hunt down pink and blue accessories or decorations for every little thing. Have fun with it!

About the author: Heather is a party planner and event organization specialist.  She occasionally writes for PaperStyle on baby shower parties and theme selection, and writes for her own blog in her spare time [when there is any]!

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