Tuesday, 28 May 2013

MBA Courses of the University of Nicosia: Learning in the Best Way

Getting an MBA degree is not just a wise career move, but it is also a way to develop your own personality. This course takes you to a new level of maturity and you are able to evaluate various things more meticulously than you did before. The University of Nicosia has an MBA course that is committed to bring out the best in the people who opt for it. This course stands out to be one of the best that Cyprus has. In fact, the course of business administration from this university has become one of the most popular choices in the entire Eastern Mediterranean region.

The different MBA programs at University of Nicosia:

When you decide to get a bachelor degree in business from the University of Nicosia, you can be sure that you are dealing with one of the best. This course is locally accredited by Ministry of Education of Cyprus and KYSATS and the University itself is a member of the International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, U.S.A. That is not all, the European Foundation for Quality Management recognizes this course as being "Committed to Excellence!" and the course actually lives up to this recognition owing to the facilities the students are offered here. There are MBA courses in Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Management of Information Systems, Oil - Gas and Energy Management and Management an in independent field. All these courses are 24 months long and involve a great deal of patience, sincerity and hard work. The main aim is to make you a highly qualified leader. The specialized skills and leadership qualities you will be taught here while the MBA programs, will surely give you a competitive advantage over the others in the race.

The requirements for admission at University of Nicosia:

But there are a few criteria for getting admission in these courses. You must hold a Bachelor's degree [European, American or of the same value]. You should be proficient in English and must comply with the standards set here and you must appear at the GMAT and score a minimum of 400. It is an added advantage to have work experience before you enroll into this course and that you have a strong letter of recommendation and you will also have to clear the individual interviews that are held for admission. The faculty members for MBA marketing are world class and they take special care to note the growth and development of each student in the class. The course involves market research, case studies and profiling so that each person who graduates out of the University is ready to take on the world.

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