Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Should you be a Superstitious Gambler?

Beginner’s luck is a common phrase around the casinos but for some winners, could this actually be the case? Around the world you will find all sorts of superstitions relating to winning or losing at casino games. Beginner’s luck, lucky charms and particular rituals are all popular ways of formulating success however there are certainly other methods used to satisfy gamblers belief in superstition.

Believing in Superstitions

Superstitions can play a large part in a player’s tactics as he or she will look at what transpired during their winning sessions and try to recreate this in their future games. For instance, a player may hold a piece of clothing they were wearing responsible for them winning or losing and consider this when playing again. Certain dealers can also be looked upon as lucky or unlucky depending on the games they have with them. However not all superstitions are based upon personal experiences as some may just buy into the existing superstitions well known by many gamblers.

Common Superstitions

Existing superstitions that bring bad luck include things like whistling, entering a casino through the main entrance and counting your money while playing. However it could be possible that while following certain rules but accidentally forgetting to cross your legs as a ritual of good luck, you may in fact lose because you subconsciously expect to. Rituals that bring good luck are believed to be things like keeping your casino chips in order, blowing on the dice as you roll and carrying a horse shoe or rabbit foot around with you. Certain rituals could probably be avoided however through playing online with a game like Golden Palace roulette.

Superstitions and Luck

So do any of these superstitious rituals actually bring you luck? You could argue that some have been adopted by word of mouth from other gamblers and therefore have no bearing on individual experiences. Individual experiences can also be untrustworthy references however. You may have ‘selective memory’ or ‘selective amnesia’ when it comes to your past gambling sessions. Believing in a ritual that may have helped you in the past might only be validated by other people’s similar experience with that same ritual. Superstitions are quite simply a bit of harmless fun that might bring some comfort to you occasionally. If you’re feeling lucky, you might be play better but it is also important to consider that casino games are totally random. Just remember to stop your superstitions from controlling you and you will have a more enjoyable and rewarding experience!

About the author: Kara Reid is an avid gamer and freelance writer from the UK.

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