Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Advantages of Learning How to Program

Not too long ago the idea of starting a business, creating a website and marketing a product was only for the most serious of entrepreneurs. These days though, the landscape is quite different and trying to start a business is now a reality for practically anyone.

The scope of this article won't be to talk about how to create a business, but rather, why you'd want to learn how to program.

These days, good programmers are worth their weight in gold as more and more people start their first Internet businesses.  At the heart of every Internet business is a website [and/or mobile app] that will need to be created by a programmer. A quick peek at online job listings will show just how many jobs there are for experienced programmers. In fact, I was just at a meet up for entrepreneurs recently and as a Java programmer myself [and as a professional who provides Java programming tutorials], every start-up company I spoke to was interested in interviewing me for a programming position in their company... I'm not exaggerating here, every single company was interested in hiring me.

So okay, fine then, there is an abundance of jobs for programmers, but the real question is: how much do they make?

Well, ranks the average Senior Programmer's salary at $90k per year in North America!  Keep in mind that you can achieve this coveted title in as little as 5 years of professional experience [I know this from first hand experience].

Alright, fair enough then, so there are lots of jobs and they pay well, but that must mean its a horrible job right?  Well actually, no, it's a great job! It's rated the #1 job to have by in 2013.

Alright fine then, I'm convinced!  Programming is a great career to follow, how do I get started?

Well my one warning is that programming is not something that can be learned overnight, it will require many hours of learning and even more hours of practice.  Chances are that if you're good at math, then you'll have a good shot at being a successful programmer... Though this isn't a law, merely a guideline.

The real amazing thing is that these days, you can teach yourself how to program with nothing more than an Internet connection. There are tons of websites and freely available resources from which to learn. If you want to learn the Java programming language, there are Java programming tutorials through Java ebooks or through Java video tutorials. The real trick is to find a resource that provides you with training in the form of tutorials [preferably video tutorials], along with real assignments that you can work on, and tests along the way to ensure that you truly are understanding what it is you're learning.

The next question that some will ask is "Can you really get a job as a self-taught programmer?"  To that I answer: absolutely!  Go back to that job search I had you do on and you'll see that some of the listings don't require a degree/diploma of any kind. 

This is one indicator that companies are in desperate need of good programming talent, the other indicator is going out and talking to the people who are employed as programmers.  I did just that recently and was blown away by the number of self-taught programmers out there with no formal education.

If you're interested in learning more about programming, how to get started with the free tools to download, and how to write your first program, then check out my Java Video Tutorials website. This contains all of the aforementioned 'goodies' that you'll need to ensure you're properly learning how to code and easily learn how to program with Java.

Trevor Page is a professional Senior Software Engineer who mentors aspiring programmers through his Java programming tutorials and his Amazon #1 best-selling eBook “How to Program with Java”.

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