Saturday, 18 May 2013

Top 10 Ways to Use a Personal Loan

Taking out a personal loan is a useful financial tool to provide funding with a reasonable interest rate. Having a few ideas about the potential use of the loan can make it an appropriate solution for personal goals and plans.

Paying the Bills

According to Susan Ladika on, personal loans are a potential solution during tough financial times. Using the funds to manage the bills for a few months can make it possible to find a new job, avoid ruinous credit problems or avoid a foreclosure after an unexpected expense.

Managing Unexpected Expenses

Emergencies arise when they are least expected, but it is never appropriate to avoid the expenses involved with the situation. Using a personal loan can make it possible to keep up with the unexpected cost and slowly repay the amount.

Consolidating Credit Cards

Credit card interest rates are high. In many cases, it is a smart move to consolidate the bills into a single personal loan. Kathleen Seligman on suggests that the loan is useful when trying to manage high interest debts due to the reasonable interest and fixed payment schedule.


Paying for a vacation is a simple use of the loan. The funds are available for any purchase, including that special time with family at a dream location.

Paying for Education

Although personal loans are not the first measure to pay for college, it can provide extra cushion when student loans and scholarships fall a little short.

Buying a Used Car

Used cars have limited financing options, but a personal loan can help with the cost. The loan will have a similar repayment schedule and time period, but is possible to apply to any vehicle purchase.

Purchasing Items for a New Baby

Welcoming a new child can have a large number of costs. In some cases, it is not possible to save up enough for the needs of the baby. A personal loan can offer some financial relief to pay for the necessary furniture, clothing and items a child needs in the first year of life.

Fixing a Car

Paying for car repairs can add up quickly, particularly if several problems arise at the same time. The loan can offer a fast solution to manage the cost when a vehicle is in a crash or has a problem.

House Remodeling

Paying for the necessary changes a house might need to provide better stability or improve the energy efficiency can require more than savings or income allow in spending. A personal loan can spread out the cost for small remodeling projects.


A wedding is a costly event. Paying for the special day can require a little extra cushion that has a set budget for better planning purposes.
A personal loan is a useful tool. When it is applied to financial needs, it can also work as an investment in the future.

About the author: Michael Jones is a keen finance blogger who loves heloing people save money.  Check out more of his work on the finance blog Frugal Plex.

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