Thursday, 23 May 2013

TV Today, Across the World

The technology that connects us has opened many doors into cultures we may otherwise never even get a glimpse of let alone experience in any meaningful way. From fabulous foods and dialects to melodic music and everyday entertainment, you can bring the rest of the world into your living room through the Internet.

What technology has done to the entertainment world -- particularly television, is amazing. Did you know you can watch TV shows from all over the world online? It's true, but that wasn't always the case.

TV's Humble Beginnings

Although the term "Television" was coined by Constantin Perskyi in 1900, it wasn't until January 26, 1926 at a lab in London that Scottish inventor John Logie Baird demonstrated the first ever live transmission of moving images. He was only able to transmit 5 images per second, which would not meet today's criteria for "moving pictures" however, at the time this was brilliant science and television was truly born.

Two years later Baird's technology allowed him to broadcast the first-ever transatlantic television signal and from there TV blazed a trail across the globe. You can take a peek at this timeline that shows when television was first introduced in various countries.

Play A Show for Every Household

Film and broadcast companies crank out shows of every flavor to appeal to a wide and diverse group of viewers. Even if they're before your time, television shows like Leave it to Beaver, Happy Days, and Cheers are shows that you know just as much as you know True Blood, CSI, and 24.

With the addition of satellite and cable stations, what was just a few channels quickly turned into thousands, including those that were solely geographically or culturally focused like the BBC and  Black Entertainment Television [BET]. Channel by channel, culture began rapidly being shared around the world through ever evolving "Boob Tubes".

Fast Forward to Today

Today we see images like never before and technology's never-ending promise intrigues our imaginations. With more and more households turning to the Internet for TV viewing choices, how will the cable and satellite industries evolve in order to survive?

With the Internet, you can now tune into anything. Try an Arabic station like Khalijia and watch Cinema Rotana or a variety of other interesting and entertaining foreign programming. You can watch the shows live, or go back and catch earlier episodes. In fact, if you wanted to -- as part of any language course you are taking [or may take], you could use the internet and foreign TV as part of an immersion experience right from home.

What we are able to do today is amazing and the speed with which we advance is mind boggling.

Pause to Look at the Future

Who knows what tomorrow's "TV" will be? What we do know, is that it is no longer just a big box sitting in our front rooms. It is taking us to places we are yet to imagine. Look at Google Glasses. How will those -- and other similar advances, affect how we watch [and maybe engage] with Television?

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