Thursday, 16 May 2013

Useful Tips for Saving Money on Jeans

Every jeans-loving woman out there knows what it feels like to find a nice pair of jeans that is not only comfortable, but also looks stunning/flattering. But you don’t have such experiences every day, which is what makes many women go for the same style and the same brand, over and over again. If you are a denim lover, you need to look at jeans shopping as an investment in itself. Which is why you should try to save money on it just the way you’d do with your other clothing.

While you can always use something like the Bebe promo code to get a discount on your jeans shopping, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind when you need to buy a new pair of blue jeans...

Choose Dark

Did you know that “washed out jeans” happen to be literally washed out? Jeans manufacturers don’t simply put them in a washing machine with some bleach. Most harsh chemicals that tend to soften and as well as degrade the jeans fabric can actually age the denim. So be practical and save money by buying darker jeans that are less treated. You’ll find that they actually last longer.

Shop Off-Season

Don’t we just love getting away from those jeans in the summer season and going for some nice cooler shorts? It’s not just you, even the retailers are aware of this. Since blue jeans sales rise high in late summer, you should take advantage of the “off-season” period and save more than a few bucks on your shopping. And don’t worry about missing out on hot-jeans-trend because blue jeans trends tend to move slow.

Search Online for Smart Deals

There are many ways you can find better deals online with a bit of searching. For example, you can go through NerdWallet's Black Friday deals to find the kind of discount offer you’re looking for. Besides that, many online jeans stores broadcast exclusive offers to their customers via email and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Leveraging these offers [coupons or codes] lets you reduce the price on the jeans you’re buying. You may also get one of those “buy one get one free” offers too. So keep track of your favorite retailers to see if they have any offers running.

Consider Thrift Stores

If you have the patience, you can hit gold with thrift stores as far as your jeans shopping is concerned. Most of the time it’s kind of a “hit and miss” with the thrift stores but if you are perseverant in your approach you can consistently strike lucky. If you shop on weekly or a monthly basis then add thrift store shopping to your regimen. If you find a good deal, don’t stop. Keep looking because there are times when you’re able to find several good pair of jeans in just a single trip.

The idea here is to stay focused on finding the best and keep pushing until you find it. Once you get used to thrift store shopping, you’ll find it easier to find better deals.

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