Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Designer Summer Wardrobe: A Few Must Have Pieces

Updating a wardrobe is essentially a form of artwork. Clothing items must not only be fashionable but they must combine well with other outfits, as well as look good on the wearer. This summer, there are several designer pieces that are essentially must haves and worthy enough of gracing any classy fashionista’s wardrobe. Here are the must have pieces of this summer.

French Connection: Aloha Dress

At just £180 – cheap for a quality designer dress – French Connection’s Aloha Dress is a real bargain.

Crafted from a delightful combination of sheer chiffon and crepe, this short-sleeved summer dress is perfect for all occasions. It is the dress’s flexibility in regards to where it can be worn, along with its price that makes it such a needed addition to a designer summer wardrobe.

Peter Pilotto: Printed Silk-blend Dress

Of course, updating your wardrobe with just one dress is far from enough. Furthermore, while the French Connection Aloha Dress is a great addition to any wardrobe, it is not the insanely chic dress a fashionista will look upon with absolute adoration, privilege and pride.

Every wardrobe needs to have a star item; a piece of clothing that stands out above the rest and is kept for the utmost important of occasions. Peter Pilotto’s silk-blend dress is just that, making a statement with its eye-catching optical prints, contrasted by its pretty white collar.

At £595 it isn’t exactly cheap, however it isn’t on the expensive end of the designer dress price sphere either.

Marni Edition: Lily Shirt Dress

Composing a wardrobe is all about developing a set style that becomes identifiable with you. In this respect it is akin to recreating your identity or simply updating your identity. Those who constantly change styles seem unsure of who they really are and to be quite blunt, seem a bit all over the place.

It is for this reason that this dress has been added into our wardrobe update collection. Marni Edition’s gorgeous Lily Shirt Dress perfectly compliments the style you will pull off with Peter Pilotto’s Printed Silk Dress. Together they will help build an identifiable elegant ladylike style around your image.

At £750, it is the most expensive of the dresses mentioned so far. However, it is also the one item of clothing that you can get away with wearing most, such is its subtleness and quiet elegance.

Archer Adams Q73 Chauffer Hat

The shining sun gives us the perfect opportunity to wear hats during the summer. Now while most caps and hats usually look anything but chic when placed on the head of a fashionista, an Archer Adams Chauffer Hat will add an element of spice and boldness to your elegant ladylike wardrobe.

Available in several different colours and featured in a variety of music videos and photo shoots throughout the world, it’s the type of hat that will enable you to stand out wherever you go – in a good way!

You won’t be able to wear it every day however, and you must make sure that you wear it with the right outfit.

Tomasz Donocik: Wrap Bracelet

Accessories such as watches and bracelets are always most suited to summertime and hot weather, due to the amount of short – or non – sleeved clothing we wear, allowing the accessories to be shown off.

Tomasz Donocik’s beautiful wrap bracelet is fluently cool. Adorned with silver stars and Swarovski crystals it is precisely in cue with this season’s trends and can be worn with practically any outfit. Bracelets such as this give your wardrobe a darker and rougher edge, which contrastingly compliments the elegant ladylike influence.

… written by Jemma Bennetts is a freelance copywriter from London. Her passions include art, fashion photography and mango sorbet.

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