Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Look At The Global Online Bingo Scene

Mothers and fathers from around the world are taking up the game of online bingo as they look to entertain themselves and change their life towards the better in the process. As the following infographic shows, from our very good friends over at, the global reach of this pastime is simply staggering. Their very compelling infographic shows that the US is leading the pack, while the Japanese are hot on their heels. The UK bingo scene is in third place, but taking into account the population of the countries in first and second place, the UK is simply madly in love with bingo.

What we thought was also of interest, is the fact that 25% of all players are from the age group of 35-49, while nearly half of them play every single day. Check out how Bingo Around the World is shaping the global landscape.

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