Thursday, 6 June 2013

Be Successful And Rich

There are those who get the glory.  They’re the ones on the stage or on the television. They’re the ones whose names become familiar to everyone throughout the country or the world, and their faces are plopped on magazines so that people buy them. These people are a certain type.  They love seeing themselves under the lights and in the news. And that’s okay.  I really do not fault these people at all. In fact, at times in my life I’ve tried to be that type of person but have failed.

I truly found success, actually, when I decided to give up on that pursuit altogether and turned my energies and attentions to a similar arena, that being business. Every single one of these people who you know and feel a strange kinship to has been supported all along the way by other people who understand business. That’s where the real money can be had.

No, you won’t get an endorsement deal, but you can milk off more than just one celebrity. If you hop on the wrong gravy train, you hop off and wait at the station for the next one. How can you do this? First, you got to get a MBA. Don’t let the application process deter you. Head to, which is what I did, and get the advice they offer. You won’t be sorry. You see, makes it so you don’t have to guess if you’re doing the right thing as you apply to school. Their outstanding mba application consultants will treat you like a real person and make sure your questions are answered. You’ll be prepared for interviews, your paperwork will be all in order, and you will have an outstanding essay that will stand out above all the others. That’s what they guarantee. Soon you’ll be rubbing elbows with the Hollywood show folk and you won’t even have to fend off the photographers.

… written by Marie A.

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