Sunday, 2 June 2013

Riddle Of The Red Bible: What Makes It Extraordinary

To begin with, Riddle of the Red Bible is not your ordinary novel. Far from most sci-fi/ fantasy books, it dwells not only with the interesting subject of time travel but deals with the search for the deeper meaning of our existence as well.  The novel is an interesting mix of science, fantasy, religion and spirituality, among others.

The story revolves around the life of Courtney Nivots, a half English, half Filipino kid, born and raised in England, who dreams of meeting her deceased father. Her journey began when she encounters a ghost at home. Unfortunately, the ghost was hostile as it leaves the house in wreckage and destroyed the most precious memento from her father – a porcelain figurine of Jesus Christ.

RedBibleBut perhaps the central thing to the novel is Courtney’s discovery of the cryptic red book which served as the gateway to her journey and adventure through time. With the help of some friends, they embarked on a voyage of discovery that will lead them to the answers.

Through this, Courtney becomes aware that it is possible to see her own future by looking into the past. While going through all these, she is forced to find out the answers. Her journeys has led her to discover who visited her all those years ago and what part her long lost father play in her life.

But as the natural forces of time are working against her, she has to make sacrifices. In the end, readers are treated to a revealing finale.
Riddle is a novel far more different and exciting than other books today. Here are the qualities that set it apart from the rest:
•    Setting – The novel is set in present-day England, in a middle-class suburb recognizable to most readers. Although the novel may seem ordinary, the introduction of the magical book into the picture provides the story with an exciting plot and an endless possibility to make readers curious.

•    Characters – Many readers will identify and can relate to Courtney’s character in the story. Her friends also give us a glimpse of the varied cultural influences that each character present which readers may also recognized.
•    Plot – The story has a rich plot and the idea of time travel even made it more surprising and exciting. The symbols used in the story [i.e. the unfriendly ghost, the porcelain figure] open the way for readers to look into their own beliefs, which gives the novel a deeper philosophical purpose.
•    The idea of time travel is not new in many sci-fi/ fantasy books but Riddle has found a unique and novel way to present it to readers without the use of complex contraptions and incredible technology or machines, which gives more mystery to the book.

For lovers of modern literature, Riddle of the Red Bible is a must-read book as it recreates not only our world through fiction but also provides the possibilities for the future. By combining all the elements that make a good book, the author has successfully conveyed his message in an entertaining way that many readers may also find as enthralling.

… written by K.T. Jae is a British writer who wants to fulfill a lifelong dream to create a unique and exciting new approach in writing science fiction, especially about time travel.

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