Thursday, 20 June 2013

Things To Consider When Evaluating A Job Offer

While love may make the world go round, adults soon realize that earning a living is necessary to life and living well. Work provides income to pay for housing, food, utilities, living expenses and medical bills. Those who work, contribute to the overall health of the economy, while making sure they have enough to live on, and hopefully, much more. Since a job provides for the needs of individuals and families, it is critical to look for work that meets certain personal and professional criteria. Here are some important things to consider when evaluating a job offer.


Sometimes, when there are few job opportunities, any job that you are capable of doing seems better than no job at all. Do consider how badly you need the work and how many jobs are available in the area in which you live, before turning down a job that would pay the bills. However, if the job does not meet your financial needs and taking it would keep you from searching for something that would better service your needs, taking the job might not be in your best interests.


Consider the location of the job. If you have few ties to real estate or the community, moving to a different location in a city or some place else in the country may not pose a problem. However, if you own a home, have children in school, have elderly parents whom you help care for, moving may not be an option. If getting to and from work consumes huge hunks of the day, you will have little time to be active in your children's activities and lives. Where a job is located does matter.



Wages, what you get paid, also matters. Consider whether or not the pay being offered is enough not only to pay your bills, but also allows you to put money away in an emergency fund. This is especially important if you already have a job and are simply looking for another or more challenging work opportunity. Before switching jobs, make sure you have your financial basis covered. If you are without a job, then consider if you can make the wages work by cutting expenses, especially if you like other factors about the job or if it offers a pathway to better and bigger things.


If the company likes you but has made an offer that doesn't quite meet your needs, don't automatically give up. Often there is room to negotiate. Be firm, but polite about your needs. See if they won't work with you at the negotiation table. However, be willing to walk away if they won't budge on an offer that does not meet your needs.


Wages aren't the only thing to consider when evaluating a job offer. What does the company offer by way of health and life insurance for you and your family? Check the total package of benefits and whether dental and sick leave are part of the health package. What about long term disability and death benefits to the family? Are there investment opportunities, retirement packages and a good vacation plan? The value of benefits need to be added to the wages offered for a proper evaluation.


Before taking a job offer, spend time in the environment in which you would be working whether this in the office or in the field. Evaluate whether the workers get along with each other and management? Do you feel welcomes or already shut out? Consider whether the culture of the work place fits with your values and goals and comfort level.   

… written by Ahmad Nassif, A content copywriter and a community manager at

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