Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bachelor Of Dance: Do You Have That Artist In You?

Dance and music have always been treated as art forms. Only few people realise that if you are good at this art, this can actually be your profession and you can even get an academic degree for the same. This article gives you insights into two professional degrees which are meant for the artist within you, bachelor of dance and bachelor of music.

Dance and music have probably been the oldest art forms in the world. Dance and music are all about unleashing your artistic self. Dance and music are known to send people in an all together different state of trance. Dance and music have grown together as a pair. Many dance forms even have a parallel music form like the baroque dance and baroque music. Both the art forms go together.

Every region has a different dance form which is popular within the region and reflects the culture and history of the region. While specialising in all dance form is not possible, having the knowledge of the most popular dance forms and music genres of the world is possible.

Earlier people relied only on instructors and their practice to teach them dance and music, but today we have professional programs that are meant for people who want to learn the two most popular forms of art in the world, dance and music.

Bachelor in dance and bachelor in music are professional undergraduate degrees. Most universities generally offer a three year full time course in bachelor of dance and bachelor of music. During these three years, students learn various forms of dance and music in their respective programs. Bachelor of dance generally covers courses like dance history, dance coordination, human psychology, nutrition and health etc. Bachelor of music covers courses like composition, performance, musicology and others. Both the degrees are professionally recognised.

People wonder what being degrees in the forms of art, these professional courses do not really have a lot of demand in the professional market. People do not actually realise that these two forms of art will always stay. Everyone needs entertainment and these two art forms, apart from giving a different way of expression, also give you means of entertainment. After studying bachelor in dance you can become a choreographer, dance journalist, dance instructor or even start your own dancing institute. After studying bachelors in music you can become a composer, singer, performer, instructor, dance journalist, work with a record label and implement your knowledge for music into identifying new talent.

Bachelor in dance and bachelor in music are available in various universities across the world which includes universities in Europe and Australia which are famous for these two programmes. You can study in Cyprus an remain at the centre of music and dance in the world, Europe.

… the author: I write on education/career building, avenues in education. Have been part of advisory committees across schools in South East Asia, India & Europe. I like staying abreast with what all is developing globally in the field of learning and science. I am a net enthusiast and I enjoy travelling.

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