Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Filing For Child Custody Online

You can file for divorce, take care of your will and even incorporate your business online. But there are some legal processes that can't be taken care of online, while others need to be handled with careful consideration – or in the office of an attorney. Child custody is one of those situations. There are times when you can file online for custody of a child, but there are rules and regulations. Knowing what you can and cannot ask for as far as child custody goes will go a long way in helping you make sure you do everything correctly.

What You Can File

Many different sites will allow you to file different types of paperwork for child custody, and, of course, all states have their own set of laws governing child custody. For example, you cannot file for contested custody online in most states, according to Divorce Source [an online legal site that allows you to file legal paperwork through their site]. This means that if you want custody to go to you and you alone, but your ex does not agree, you cannot file for the custody online. You can, however, file for custody to be shared or to go to one person only if you agree with the child's other legal guardian. You can also file basic adoption papers online.

Benefits to Filing Online

When you file on sites like Divorce Source or LegalZoom, you get the benefit of being able to file quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Most of these sites charge a flat fee for the paperwork to be filled out and filed, and they send it to the proper courthouse or legal entity. You can handle everything from a computer with step-by-step instructions, no hidden fees, and no lawyers. This makes filing any legal paperwork easy to do, and if you have any issues with the paperwork, the site has built in support to help you get your questions answered and get the paperwork filed correctly. Also, most places accept paperwork online.

Issues with Filing Online

There are issues with filing online. If you don't fill out the paperwork correctly, your custody case could be denied. If you have other issues, like filing for custody of a child whose legal parents do not wish for you to have custody of the child, you won't be able to file online. Filing online is not a one-size fits all solution, and you must know a little about the laws in your area to get everything filed correctly. Also, some states don't allow paperwork to be submitted online. You'll need to check with your local courthouse to make sure you can file everything online.

Filing any legal paperwork online can be tricky and scary, especially if filing for custody of a child. There are cases that can be filed online, like if all responsible parties are in agreement of whom should have custody of the child. If everyone does not agree, however, you cannot file online. Even if you're able to file online, you should always follow instructions carefully so that your paperwork is not sent back or deemed invalid.

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