Saturday, 13 July 2013

Top Tips To Help You Tweet With Success

Tweeting is an art that you need to understand to ensure that your Twitter account is a success for both you and your followers. There are millions of users that tweet every day; however some do not have a high success rate of followers. This is often due to several different factors that can be changed to ensure that your Twitter account is a monumental success.

Selecting the best time to tweet is essential, and although you may be on different time zones, tweeting throughout the day is recommended. It has been proven that tweets which are sent between 7am and 8pm have a far higher engagement.

The length of your tweet is a massive factor, and keeping the message short is essential for people to want to read it, and share what you have to say. Tweets that are less than 100 characters are read and shared far more than longer tweets, irrelevant of the content.

Unique tweets are engaging, and followers will want to see what you have to say on a daily basis. You need to ensure that your Twitter account is unique to you and that you let your personality come out in your tweets.

Tweet with Success - An infographic hosted by the team at Followers Boost Website

Including a link is not something that users do naturally, however, this is a fantastic way to have your tweets retweeted. A staggering 86% of tweets with links are retweeted, indicating that this is a popular tweet to read. You might want to consider getting more twitter followers.

Hashtags are vital, and an area that you need to get to grips with immediately.  Hashtags make your tweets engaging. However, more than two hashtags and you have gone too far and you might lose your followers.

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