Sunday, 28 July 2013

Why Are Track Days So Fun?

It can often be difficult for people who aren’t car fanatics to understand why people love track days so much. ‘But you drive to work every day! Why would you want to take a day off to go driving?’ But it’s absolutely not the same, and in fact, when they go along, many cynics get sucked into the excitement of the day and want to go back. What is it exactly that is just so fun about track days?

You will arrive in the morning at a racetrack in your own racing car, or you can borrow one from the track day organisers. Lots of people have their own cars transformed from standard road cars into racing cars for the very purpose of these track days. Specialist garages offer this conversion service to transform a road car into a racing car, as obviously this would be a major task to tackle yourself without the right know-how, and lots of the elements that need changing include safety features such as a roll cage which must be installed by someone who knows what they’re doing.

The thrill of a track day stems from the fact you can drive so fast. On the roads, you have to abide by the law and stick to speed limits, the rules of the road and be mindful of speed cameras. However, in a track day, all this is forgotten and you can go as fast as you like. This is a highly exhilarating experience, and this is perfect for adrenalin junkies who are tired of the standard theme parks or want something a little closer to the ground than sky diving or bungee jumping.

Track days are also fantastic social occasions. You can get a big group of friends together to race against each other, or you could go along and meet an entirely new group of like-minded people who love racing just as much as you do. You can find out more about all the cars, get inspiration for your own and watch the races you’re not participating in over lunch with the other participants.

They also make a perfect gift. Experience presents are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to give the gift of a day out rather than something material, and the track day is no exception. Even if the recipient doesn’t have their own car suitable for racing, there is generally the rental of one included in the track day experience, so they will be able to enjoy the day regardless.

… written by Arnold Petersfield is a racing enthusiast who recently had his BMW 3 series converted from a reliable road car into an ultimate racing beast!

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