Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Apps: Spotify On Windows Phone 8

I am not sure why I haven’t thought about it before.  Since February, I’ve been using Nokia Lumia 920’s Nokia Music App.  However, with quite a lot of bugs and issues lately, including the fact that one can’t play music while offline, the app’s a bit irritating.

It was yesterday when evening when I thought of browsing for other music apps.  The app store, with a wide array of choices, it was Spotify that caught my attention.  I installed the app on my mobile device, signed up with my Facebook account and created two playlists to start with.

My OPM [Original Pinoy Music] Playlist… too much Yeng Constantino songs, yes, yes, yes!

I can’t stop myself from listening a lot to Yeng Constantino’s Time In song.  I find the lyrics cute and the tune fun to listen to.

As of the moment, I am pondering on whether I am going to get the premium upgrade or not.  I still have about 25 hours left on my trial period.  So let’s see!

How about you?  Have you installed the Spotify app on your phone?  If yes, love it, hate it or so-so?  Have you upgraded your Spotify account to premium?  If yes, how’s the app doing?  If not, why not?

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