Thursday, 22 August 2013

College Football Coverage: Find It Everywhere!

Even when not in season, college football is a big deal to loyal and adamant fans.  In addition to networks devoted to college sports, there are also may online outlets that allow fans to keep up with all the news and updates of their favorite college teams. The constant coverage is not surprising given that college teams rivals professional football teams in their popularity. Fans who are truly invested in college sports have a number of sources they can go to for coverage.

Satellite and cable channels constantly draw football fans throughout the year. For instance, CBS Sports acquired the college sports network and now has its own outlet for college sports coverage. Fans can find out what happens to their favorite teams during the offseason including news of hiring, students entering the draft, others who will stay with their teams as well as incoming freshman who may have an effect on team dynamics. Of course, coverage gets stronger during the actual season, so fans look for information on injuries and other news.

FOX Sports has also risen as a popular outlet for college sports coverage. In addition to the FOX network, the sports network keeps tabs on college teams even after the football season. In fact, both CBS and FOX carry lots of coverage of the incredibly popular bowl games. NBC also has its share of coverage but does not have its share of weekend games and news devoted to football throughout the season.

The popularity of college sports coverage has been part of the reason for a rise in sports news sites and blogs. For example, ESPN gave viewers access to college sports that had not been seen previously on network television outlets with entire channels devoted to professional sports like baseball, basketball and football in addition to an entire channel for college sports coverage. I personally enjoy reading smaller college football news sites because the quality of the articles and unique opinions are usually better than the branded sites like ESPN, or FOX.

Of course, college football coverage has evolved with the many changes in technology. Many people may still get their coverage from the plethora of sports networks available with cable and satellite options, but many of these networks have also shifted focus to their online counterparts. While coverage of actual games may still be focused on the networks, news and other information are available online often in real time. However, it is still very rare to find streaming coverage of college football online unless viewers are already cable or satellite subscribers with special access.

In fact, many fans may also find coverage of college football on their mobile devices so that they can watch games and keep up with news on the go. Like online sources, this access is also usually restricted to those who already have access via cable and satellite or may just be available for mobile subscribers. In any case, college football remains a very popular sport in the US and coverage is available anywhere at anytime.

… This article was provided by Adam Collier, a college football enthusiast.

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