Friday, 30 August 2013

How To Clean The Atomizer And Battery Of An Electronic Cigarette

Any green vaper will tell you that it is essential to properly take care of your device. If you neglect the simple maintenance tasks required from you, you will experience weak fumes, and an overall decreased capability of your electronic cigarettes. It is imperative for newbie smokers to understand a few rules of thumb regarding proper atomizer, cartridge and battery maintenance. Without further ado, here are a few general tips that will help you care for your nifty little gadget better:

How to Clean your Atomizer

To be honest, one of the most confusing subjects related to electronic cigarettes has to do with atomizer cleaning. As a matter of fact, a properly charged battery and a clean atomizer will significantly affect your vaping experience, so make sure that everything is ok. There has been a lot of heated debate on the subject of atomizer cleaning and maintenance, and while there are no perfect solutions, there are a few things that will work. The first thing you need to do is to check if your atomizer and battery site is clear. After this, make sure that you treat your device with the proper care [don’t drop it, hit it and so on…].

While you are cleaning the connection points make sure not to destroy anything. It is recommended to clean the atomizer with the help of a dry lint free cloth or smooth tissue. Gently clean around the connection points and threads that connect the battery and atomizer. Make sure that you have left nothing hanging around senselessly because the last thing you want is to leave excess residue there.

How to Clean the Battery

The truth is that electronic cigarettes are relatively maintenance free, with the few exceptions of cleaning the battery and cartomizer [the blu electronic cigarette is equipped with a cartomizer] it is actually not something difficult to do. Considering that you want to have the best vaping experience it should not be difficult for you.

In order to clean your battery you will need some cotton swab, alcohol, the battery and 2 minutes of your time. Start by inspecting your battery, and determine where there is residue that requires removal. The second step is to sink your cotton swab into alcohol and to start cleaning the atomizer. Make sure you clan the threads, and keep calm. Don’t hurry the process or you might end up destroying something. After you are done, let the piece settle for a while and dry out. That was it. You are done cleaning.

Most of the times, electronic cigarettes are easy to maintain. The only thing you should be concerned about in the beginning is how to clean the device without harming it. However, the more you try the easier it will become.

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