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Most Popular Holiday Reads

Everyone enjoys a good book on holiday. It is the perfect way to spend those relaxing hours on a sun lounger by the pool or at the beach. Choosing the perfect book can be hard though so here are ten of the most popular holiday reads to help you make a choice.

1. Riders by Jilly Cooper
Published in 1985, the world of show jumping has never seemed so exciting as the reader is caught up in the rivalry between Jake Lovell and the classic anti-hero Rupert Campbell-Black. Riders is the perfect escapist holiday read.
2. Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
This is a love story with a difference. It tells the story of Florentino Ariza’s never ending love for Fermina Daza. This is a book that will make the reader think as it asks the question where does love end and obsession start. Published in 1985, Love In The Time of Cholera is now regarded as a modern classic.

3. Tales Of The City by Armisted Maupin
This is the first book in the Tales of The City series and was published in 1978. Seen through the eyes of the naive Mary Anne Singleton, Tales Of The City is a fascinating glimpse into the often hedonistic world of San Francisco in the 1970s. Full of colourful characters, this will keep the reader riveted until the last page.
4. The Beach by Alex Garland
This dark tale of backpacking in Thailand will grab the reader’s attention as it follows the attempt of Richard to find a hidden beach that is supposed to be paradise but which turns out to be a much darker reality. Published in 1996 and now a successful film, The Beach is an exciting read.
5. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres
Holidays are often the perfect setting for romance and this book is the perfect romantic holiday read. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin which was published in 1994 tells the story of Captain Corelli and his love affair with Greek girl Pelagia. Set against the backdrop of World War II the mixture of romance and action makes this the perfect holiday read.
6. The Camomile Lawn by Mary Wesley
A good book can whisk the reader away to a different time and place. The Camomile Lawn takes the reader to England in the years just before the outbreak of World War II with images of long summers and a more innocent time. Published in 1984, the plot interweaves the lives of the main characters and will keep the reader turning pages until the end to find out what happens to them.

7. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Many people will know Gone With The Wind from the famous film but the book tells the story of Scarlett O’Hara in much greater detail. This book has everything in it with love, tragedy, action, war, death and humour. Published in 1936, this is a classic and is large enough to last for an entire holiday.
8. Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins
Published in 1983, this is a great escapist holiday read. Hollywood Wives tells the story of a group of very different women who have one thing in common. They will stop at nothing to get what they want whether it is money, power or men. 
9. Sex And The City by Candace Bushnell
Fans of the TV series will enjoy reading the book that inspired it. Published in 1997, the main characters are all still here. For readers who were rooting for Carrie and Big then this is a great holiday read that will have them reading with their fingers crossed that they stay together.
10. Wish You Were Here by Travis Edelborough
For a change why not try a holiday read that is not fiction. Published in 2001, this is a fascinating insight into the British seaside and makes a good holiday read as it illustrates the huge contrast between holidays in the past compared to the present day. 
With so many different books to choose from, a reader is spoilt for choice. So why not make a little extra room in your suitcase and take a few different books on holiday?

… written by Zani, a postgraduate student who is currently studying for her masters in journalism degree in London. She enjoys reading and writing, and is considering starting her own blog.

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