Friday, 30 August 2013

The Proper Use Of Electronic Training Collars

If you have taken on the challenge of training your canine, you may need some help along the way.  While many training collars on the market say that they simplify the training process, electronic training collars are the perfect tool to get your dog obeying your every command.  Remote training collars allow you to apply varying levels of electronic stimulation or vibrations to your pet from a distance.  Understanding just how to use these collared devices will ensure that you pup is trained properly.

Before You Begin

Before you start training with your electronic training collar, there are some important details to take care of.  Make sure that:

  • Your dog understands all of the basic commands before implementing the electronic collar. 
  • You know how to use the appropriate intensity level depending on the training session you are conducting.  Using an intensity level that is too high of frequency for your pet can actually harm your training attempts.  Experts suggest starting on the lowest level of stimulation and then working up if your pet requires a higher level of intensity.

Levels of Intensity

Electronic dog collars will have different levels of stimulation or intensity depending on the temperament and size of your furry friend.  Small dogs weighing less than ten pounds, as well as mild tempered dogs should be given a low to medium intensity.  Larger dogs that may offer more of a challenge should be given the low to high intensity levels.

Methods of Use

You can use your remote dog collar several different ways, including:

  • Continuous Stimulation:  After setting the collar to the right intensity level, press the low intensity button just prior to giving the command.  As soon as the dog complies, release the button.  Your dog will quickly learn that they can turn off the stimulation by engaging in the right action.
  • Deterrent Stimulation:  Again, using the right intensity for the dog, push the button immediately upon seeing them engage in a bad behavior, such as jumping up or digging.  You want your pet to think that they have turned on the intensity by doing the unwanted behavior.  While some pet owners want the corrected behavior to be associated with their voice, others want the dog to engage in the corrected behavior even when they are not present.  Whatever your preference may be, you can add a stern vocal command to the intensity if desired.
  • Vibration Options:  If you don’t feel comfortable using an electrical stimulation, some models of electronic collars have vibration options.  This will deliver a buzz to your dog via two steel probes that have contact on the back of your dog’s neck.  Many seasoned trainers believe that great training can take place by using the vibration method.

How it Works

The training collar comes equipped with two stainless steel contacts, which deliver a low, medium, or high intensity electric current to your dog when you activate it.  Although this feeling is not extremely painful, it is uncomfortable for the dog.  Be sure to pay careful attention to your dog while delivering the sensations at first.  If the intensity is too high, the dog may yell out or yap.  In that case, you will need to lower the intensity.  Be sure to always start out on the lowest intensity possible.

Whether you need hunting dog collars or bird dog training collars, you can find a remote collar that will help your dog train to perform at their very best.

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